about us

a few words about us

Our vision is to be the most sought after Web Development company in Kolkata, India, facilitating sustainable growth and prosperity for our local and international clients. We are continuously evolving to become an industry leader in the vibrant field of web technologies. We aim to transform our clients’ businesses, allowing them to utilise powerful technologies and improve their processes. We want to be consistently bringing out world class products and services, that benefit businesses of all sizes, making them more efficient and effective. We are The Best Web Development company in Kolkata, India in positive mindset. 

We help our customers do business better by making use of our expertise and experience, comprehensive portfolio of services and a flexible engagement business model. Our dedicated team of professionals includes developers, testers, domain specialists and technologists who have carved their importance in the company. Our consistent training schedule also keeps our team updated on the latest happenings in the IT world, to devise and deliver the best solutions for driving optimum business capability to our clients.

our values


The way we approach our client relationships is one of Dgitely’s defining characteristics. It starts with recognising what challenges our client is facing and partnering up in the true sense of the word to overcome these problems together. This creates a climate where sharing, openness and feedback comes out naturally, without egos getting in the way. What comes from this is a mutual respect and trust between the parties, where ideas flow freely.


Developing these close, honest relationships with our clients means we are genuinely driven to see them find success. This is what brings out our best work and keeps our team motivated and disciplined. It also means that we’ll tell it to you straight if our services are not for you or if your ideas are misguided. Honesty is a key part of our process.

research & Innovation

In an ever-changing industry, its essential that we keep our finger on the pulse. It is our job to offer up solutions to our clients’ problems and applying the latest technologies allows us to do this more effectively.